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The Internal Control Boot Camp course is designed to provide you with knowledge in the subject areas of internal control and corporate governance. These are two critical knowledge areas in today's business environment. Competency gained in these knowledge areas will prepare you to assist organizations in the design, implementation and/or assessment of internal control and governance processes.


No Control Background Required

Not sure what internal control is all about? No problem! This course will enhance your knowledge in no time.

Easy To Understand Concepts

Internal Control concepts and vocabulary are carefully presented and defined, including real-world examples.

Proceed At Your
Own Pace

This course uses self-study, which allows you to learn new subject matter on your own, at a speed that works for you.

Here's What You'll Learn

This course is intended for individuals without a control background. It will teach you the vocabulary of control, the definitions of control, what control can and cannot do, what a system of internal controls includes, the concept of risk and its relationship with control, and how individuals build and assess the adequacy of controls. It also defines the responsibilities for building, monitoring, and assessing control. The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations “COSO” internal control framework will be introduced as the most widely accepted control model.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce Internal Control Principles including what internal control systems can and cannot do.
  • Define internal control in understandable terms based on the definitions provided by professional organizations.
  • Describe continuous improvement based on the PDCA Cycle.
  • Illustrate business processes including the various roles played by Policies, Standards, and Procedures.
  • Explain and identify how to understand and use an Internal Control Framework.
  • Analyze key components of the internal control process.
  • Build an Internal Control Hierarchy.

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