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The Assessing Business System Controls course is designed to enable you to understand the components of business systems and be able to assess compliance with those components, which are critical knowledge areas in today's business environment. Competency gained in these knowledge areas will prepare you to assist organizations in the assessment of business systems processes.


Learn Business
Control Objectives

Control objectives provide a specific target against which to evaluate the effectiveness of controls. You will learn about commonly accepted control objectives for business systems.

Boost Your
Business Skills

Gaining knowledge of business systems controls and how to identify and document them are very marketable skills in today's business environment.

Use Assessment

This course will provide a methodology for you to use to identify and document the controls for each of the control objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

Here's What You'll Learn

This course will describe the commonly accepted control objectives for business systems, such as to ensure that processing is complete, processing is accurate, and so forth. The course will provide a methodology for students to use to identify and document the controls for each of the control objectives. The course will also include a method to follow in evaluating the controls documented to determine whether they are adequate for an individual business system. The course will enable students to understand the components of  business systems and then assess compliance to those components.

Course Objectives:

  • Define Business System Controls 
  • Divide Business Systems into components for assessment
  • Describe models used for Assessment of Business Systems
  • Provide Assessment Examples and Guidelines

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