Become a World-Class Internal Control Specialist

UPDATED! The Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) for the Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS) is, in effect, a job description for a world-class internal control specialist. The CICS Certification Board has defined the skills within the CBOK as those skills that would enable internal control specialists or professionals to perform the tasks needed to meet today’s internal control challenges. This is an excellent study and reference manual provided in PDF read-only format.

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Certification Tool

Explains all you need to know on how to become a Certified Internal Control Specialist, including benefits, exam process, and how to maintain your certification. Most certification candidates prepare using the CBOK manual.

8 Internal Control Skill Areas Covered

The knowledge base was developed by the Internal Control Institute from professional literature and the best internal control practices utilized by the numerous organizations affiliated with ICI. 

Comprehensive Internal Control Reference Manual

Comprehensive vocabulary with over 90 important terms and an extensive list of references included. For everyone involved with Internal Control the CBOK is a "must have" addition to  your reference library.

Here's What You'll Learn

Areas covered in the 473 page CBOK Guide include:

  • CICS Program Overview
  • CICS Examination
  • CICS Skill Areas:
    • Internal Control – Principles, Terms and Concepts
    • Internal Control Environment
    • Risk Management
    • Assessing Application Controls
    • Business System Controls Assessment
    • Risk Assessment (Updated with the latest COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework pronouncements!)
    • Internal Control Measurement and Reporting
    • Governance Practices

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