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BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Are you concerned about your organization’s internal control exposure, corporate governance practices, and/or  Board of Directors liability?

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Are you  comfortable signing off on the adequacy of your  internal control system? Are you monitoring adequacy of internal control?

SYSTEMS DESIGNERS – Need to know how to design a risk-based process to build an effective system of internal controls  and application controls for business?

AUDITORS – Are you confident in your skills to measure risks and monitor control dependencies? Can you measure adequacy of internal control and is your organization following best practices?

CONSULTANTS – Want to increase the competency and credibility of both you and your clients to design and evaluate business control systems? Be able to measure risk and implement best practices?

INTERNAL CONTROL SPECIALISTS – Want to increase your value to the organization?  Need  your internal control competencies assessed and verified? Are you on a professional fast track in internal control? Do you have the proper certifications?

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – Are your internal controls preventing fraud, embezzlement, ethics violations and other such activities that impact small businesses? Do you know the best  practices your organization should be following? 

JOB SEEKERS / CAREER CHANGE – Want to improve your personal job marketability? 



The Internal Control Institute™ (ICI) improves organizational Internal Control worldwide by providing products and services and individual Professional Certifications. Our world-class programs for Internal Control and corporate governance are based on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the COSO internal control framework.


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Our Solutions are customizable!

Each corporate culture faces different business risks and views control implementation  differently. Each ICI tool comes with customization instructions designed to help you achieve your unique control needs.

Our Certification Programs recognize professionalism, experience and knowledge! 

The Internal Control Institute’s CICS / CICP programs were developed by leading internal control professionals to recognize individuals who demonstrate a predefined level of internal control competency.

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