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ICI Certification and Assessment Programs provide a full range of professional and organizational benefits



ICI Certification/Recertification Programs

There are significant benefits that accrue to professionals as well as the organizations they represent. 

  • Demonstrates that the certified professional has attained a level of competency that is recognized by his/her peers. 
  • Raises the confidence level of the individual. 
  • Establishes for the organization a foundation level of knowledge and skill within the profession as defined in the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK).
  • Establishes a baseline that defines quality and productivity expectations.

The ICI CICS/CICP Certification level of skill and knowledge foundation is established by experienced professionals who work in the profession and are actively engaged in the practice.  These individuals are involved in everyday, “real-world” activities - being best qualified to identify the challenges and skill dimensions of the profession.  They are well-equipped to identify the specific requirements for a CBOK.

Our Code of Conduct defines the profession and the integrity of those involved. This code of conduct is sufficiently strict to insure professional respect and integrity.

The Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) of a profession must be continuously updated as changes and enhancements occur.  Our recertification requirements insure that all certified professionals remain current and are kept abreast of the changes to maintain individual quality, productivity, skill and performance. ICI certified professionals:

  • Attend professional conferences to stay aware of activities and trends in the profession,
  • Complete education and training courses to continually update skills and competencies,
  • Develop and offer training to share knowledge and skills with other professionals and the public,
  • Publish information to disseminate personal, project, and research experiences, and,
  • Participate in the profession through active committee memberships and formal special interest groups.


Assessment Program

The benefits from completing the assessment processes are:

  • An overall quantitative score adds confidence in a corporation’s system of internal control and corporate governance (ranks a corporation from Level Zero – not effective – to Level Seven – world-class).
  • A quantitative score for each group assessed (e.g., pinpoints levels of executive management performance).
  • Responses to assessment questions identify areas for improvement.
  • An evaluation and recommendations for improvement are provided by the ICI’s professional staff.
  • A comparison against similar corporations.

The results of assessments that score high are:

  • Attract qualified Board members as a high assessment score indicates minimal legal, financial and credibility risk for a prospective Board Candidate.
  • Achieve a potential reduction in the premium for Directors and Officers liability insurance.
  • Improve organizational credibility to stockholders, customers, partners, and employees.
  • Enable the CEO to demonstrate to the Board high fiscal and ethical performance.

ICI risk assessment process evaluates the risks faced by corporate boards including directors, officers, executive management, independent auditors, and internal auditors. ICI’s products and services provide direct access to Sihle Insurance Group - (ask for Bob Hackett 407-389-3513 or Allen Foster 407-389-3502) an independent insurance agency that has partnered with several A-rated insurance carriers offering directors and officers insurance; notably Chubb, AIG, and St. Paul, to mention a few.

The ICI risk assessment products provide the Board of Directors with a quantitative assessment of their exposures and a plan to minimize those exposures, which make them a better insurance risk. The overall result provides the employer with better coverage at affordable pricing.



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